How To Do A Change Name On Social Security Card In Hawaii?

Posted By admin on Jun 13, 2017 |

Are you currently residing in Hawaii? Did you recently get married? If you did, and you need to change name on social security card, this is a very easy process. There are specific forms that you can get from the local Social Security office. You fill them out, send it in with your marriage certificate or other pertinent information, and they will process this for you. It’s not a time-consuming process at all. Most people can fill out the form within an hour. It will take a few weeks to get everything back, and once you do, you will have a proper Social Security card with your new name.

How Do You Find These Social Security Offices?

You can find these Social Security offices very quickly through searches on the web. Whether you are using Google or another search engine, the offices will be at the top of the listings. You can then go to that location, or call them up so they can send the forms to you. It will only take a few minutes to request the paperwork or important documents, or if you prefer, you can drive down to pick it up instead.

How Long Is The Entire Process Take To Complete?

The process will consist of getting the forms, filling them out, and sending them in to have the change done. That’s the short part of the process. The long part is the waiting as they process your Social Security card placing your new name instead of the old one. It’s a common procedure that is done all the time. There should be no problems at all. It is important to do this shortly after you get married, or if you have had some type of legal name change which needs to be reflected on your Social Security card.