Application For Social Security Card Replacement

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Proof of Identity for Online Application

In some States, it is now possible to apply online replacement social security card. In order to qualify for online application, you will need:

– To have a U.S. mailing address within one of the authorized online application states.
– A valid driver’s license or state issued I.D. from one of the authorized states.
– Be 18 years or older. Minors under the age of 18 years will need their parents to apply.
– You will not be able to apply for any changes to your social security status online.

If you do not qualify for online application, you can print out the documents, complete them and mail them to the nearest department or drop them off. The following documentation will need to be included:

– A certified copy of a driver’s license or state issued I.D. or a U.S. passport as means of identification.
– A birth certificate as proof of age.

SS Card Replacement

Alternative Documents

If you do not have a a valid proof of identification, you can use the following to apply for one of the above mentioned documents:

– Employee I.D. card.
– School or student I.D. card
– Health Insurance card.
U.S. Military I.D. card.

These cards should state your full name, date of birth as well as have a photo for identification purposes.

If you do not have a birth certificate, the following documents can be used:

– School records proving U.S. education as well as a record of age.
– Hospital record of birth.
– Tax records or employment records may also be requested.

All documents that are returned must be original or certified by the issuing department for authentication purposes. Documents that are not original or certified, will not be accepted.

If you do not have the required supporting documentation, it is advisable to apply in person at your nearest department.