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What To Know When Replacing Lost ID

If you have lost your identification, it is best to prepare to turn your world upside down. It does not ...
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What To Do If You Need Vital Documents?

It is easy to lose track of your vital documents. The good thing is that there are steps that can ...
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Top Spring Lawn Care Tips

After winter, your lawn will generally not be looking its best and you need to take some steps to rectify this. There are ...
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Many Benefits Of Social Security Cards

Have you ever thought about or heard about all of the benefits of new social security cards? Below, we will be going over ...
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Information On How To Get Your Own Merchant Account

If you are in search of a way for your business to start accepting payments with credit cards, then you will typically have ...
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Tips To Get A New Social Security Card Online

It won’t be wrong to say that the Social Security number is something that is necessary for almost everything. Without a Social Security ...
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Top Spring Lawn Care Tips

After winter, your lawn will generally not be looking its best and you need to take some steps to rectify this. There are a number of spring lawn care tips and best treatments for lawns that you should know about that will help you with this. These tips ensure that you know where to start and how to prepare your lawn for the summer months.

Dethatch The Lawn With A Rake

Lawn thatch is dying or dead grass shoots that have accumulated over the winter. Having a little bit of this is actually good for the lawn, but too much will suffocate the shoots hiding beneath it. Spring is the best time to remove the excess so the lawn can breathe and you can get rid of pests.

It is recommended that you dethatch your lawn with a rake at the start of spring. Waiting too long can make this process rough on the lawn, but early spring is the start of the growth period so your lawn will have enough time to heal. A power rake is recommended for this, but if you do not have one, a stiff rake will also work.

Test The pH Levels

Many people do not realize that healthy lawn needs to have a balanced soil pH level. If the pH level is too high or alkaline, you need to add sulfate to it and if it is too acidic you should add lime. You can buy these additives in most garden stores and you need to take the time to read the directions that come with them.

You do not want to over or under-treat the soil because this will cause major problems for your lawn. Once you have made the adjustment, you should water the lawn and leave it for 30 days. At the end of the month, you should retest the soil to check the pH level.

Aerate The Lawn

When you have compacted soil, your lawn will not thrive in the way that you want. Aerating your lawn during the spring months will help it grow. Loosening the soil allows nutrients and water to be absorbed and will provide the roots with more room to grow.

There are a number of ways that you can aerate your lawn and the best one will depend on the size of your yard. Aeration shoes are ideal for people with small patches of grass in their yard. However, if you have a larger yard, you will need to consider a gas-powered aeration tool.

Deal With The Bare Spots

When your lawn starts to grow in the spring, you will notice some bare spots. You should not panic when you see these spots as they can be remedied with a bit of work. You will need to rake out the dead grass and flush the spot with water. You then have to level it with soil and sand if needed. Reseeding should then be done with the same type of grass that is in the rest of the garden and the bare spot will be gone. Find more here!

Many Benefits Of Social Security Cards

Have you ever thought about or heard about all of the benefits of new social security cards? Below, we will be going over some of the many benefits you will get with them.

Why You Need a Social Security Number?

If you are going to be living in the USA, you will need a social security number. Anytime you get hired for a job, you will be asked for your social security number. Therefore, you are going to need a social security number to get hired for a job because the employer will use it for state income tax reporting and more. Also, they will use it to ensure that their employees are legally allowed to work in the country.

When Will You Need It?

You are going to need your social security number in a variety of situations. Below, we will talk about some of them.

1. Opening a Bank Account.

One of the times you will require a social security number is if you are opening a bank account with any U.S financial institution. You will require your social security number because they will use your SSN in order to check a variety of things including your credit and even to report the interest that you end up earning throughout the year to the IRS. Some institutions will accept a taxpayer identification number if you have a business and you are opening it with one.

2. Applying For a Loan.

Another time you will need it is when you are applying for a loan. The Government will end up using your social security number in order to make sure that you are eligible when you apply for a Federal loan. This is especially true if you are looking to get a Federal student loan. They will do this to ensure that you are not in default on another Federal loan and that you have an eligible citizen status.

3. Applying For Public Assistance.

Another time you will need to have your social security number and card would be when you are applying for public assistance. If you are applying for various forms of public assistance, you will need to utilize your social security number as it will be used to identify you in order to ensure that you are not claiming benefits that might not be offered to you and people in your situation.

Overall, there are plenty of different reasons you are going to need to have both a social security number and card. By having one, you will be able to ensure that you never forget your number and it is going to allow you to use it in a variety of scenarios that you would be required to do so. Having a social security card on hand is a great way to keep your social security number ready and available to use if you are going to be signing up for a specific Federal program, bank account, credit card, or even while applying for a loan.

Information On How To Get Your Own Merchant Account

If you are in search of a way for your business to start accepting payments with credit cards, then you will typically have to make an application for what is called a Merchant Services account. In the majority of cases, this will involve credit checks to find out whether you qualify and the amount you qualify for in association to processing payments each month. If you happen to have either no credit or bad credit, there will still be options available through the “high risk” providers for merchant services such as Charge.com. As you proceed to process payments every month, the processing volume amount available to you will increase.

There are high risk levels for the merchant providers when they take on the approval of new merchants. For example, charge backs that arise when customers disagree on or dispute an activity on either their debit or credit card, which is followed by a request for a refund from their credit or debit card provider. These types of refunds will be debited against the merchant service provider along with the partner bank, which creates a significant amount of potential liability.

Get Your Own Merchant Account

Tips On The Best Way To Get Your Merchant Account

Below is a list of the items you will typically need to open your merchant account:

For LLCs and Corporations:

• EIN Number, the EIN number which stands for Employer Identification Number and is used by the IRS to identify your business

• A Legal entity, when setting up a business you will require a legal-entity. This includes a C-Corp, LLC and more

• Business Checking Account, this is the type of account that provides a way for the merchant service provider to deposit any transactions into the business-checking account

Once you have finalized these 3 requirements, you can begin an application process which is required by the merchant service company you have chosen. The sole proprietor will only need their personal name, personal bank-account and Social Security Number.

Factors That Can Decrease Your Chance Of Obtaining Approval For Merchant Accounts

In relation to the risks that the merchant-service providers and the partnering banks take when approving a merchant for a merchant-account, specific factors contribute to making it difficult to open one of these accounts. Here is a list of some of these aspects:

New Companies

The newer companies that have only been in business for a short time are regarded as higher risks when compared to a company that wants to change their provider

Bad Credit

This happens to be the most popular reason for a decline of an account, but there are still other providers such as Charge.com who work alongside the higher risk applicants

Industry Type

The business type that you own can also contribute to raising red flags. For example, the industries that are associated with abuse by other companies, can also make it difficult to obtain your merchant account. Some of these industries include: ammunition and guns, pornographic websites, gym memberships, affiliate-marketing companies, recurring billing products and so on.

Your Expected Transaction Volumes

When applying for your merchant account, where you tell the provider you will require a processing volume of high levels, the likelihood of you obtaining the account will diminish greatly. This is due to the higher volumes been attached to an increase in charge backs which poses a greater risk to your chosen merchant-service provider. Make sure you apply only for a processing volume associated with the expected volume. It is advisable to be conservative in the way of asking only minimum that you will require. If the volume increase, you can apply for an increase in the volume at a later stage. As you start to build-up trust with the provider, they will eventually provide you with just about an unlimited processing-volume.


Submit Detailed Lists Of Business Activities That You Conduct

The merchant-servicer provider will want to examine your business activities to ensure you are business operations are legal. The partner bank will also ask for your financial statements and tax returns to approve and complete the application.

Your Average Ticket Size

In the majority of applications, the provider will request information on your expected ticket size. Avoid indicating an average that is high, as once again your chances of approval will decrease. Larger transaction sizes translate into higher costs in association to the charge backs, which means the risks increase for the merchant service-provider along with the bank.


Obtaining your own merchant account is possible when you follow the tips and advice mentioned above. Once you have obtained approval for your account, ensure that you maintain customer services to decrease or avoid the amount of charge-backs. Making sure the merchant account remains in a good-standing is essential in regard to the success of the business over the long term. Failure to keep up a good financial relationship with your provider will mean it will be far harder to obtain another account into the future.

To get more information, visit https://thesoutherninstitute.com/cbd-merchant-services/