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Applying for an EIN Online from the IRS, or Internal Revenue Service, is never an easy thing and based on the results of our survey far too many people hire expensive law firms or online legal websites when all you really need is a little assistance with form preparation, processing and some assistance with the required accompanying documents needed.

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Before we go any further let us clear up a few things, an IRS EIN as a lot of people call them is just an Employer Identification Number, IRS stands for Internal Revenue Service as most of you know.

Also note that an EIN and TIN are the same thing, TIN stands for Taxpayer Identification Number which is just another inaccurate definition of an EIN.

Note that an ITIN is an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number but those are only for non-us residents handling business within the USA.

Please note that legally all american residents who operate their own business within the USA require an EIN from the IRS.

When someone refers to a Tax ID Number – Taxpayer Identification Number they most commonly are inaccurately referring to a Sole Proprietor Employer Identification Number, which is an EIN aka Tax ID for you to perform business n the united states under.

EIN Online

What is an EIN Number? Think of an IRS EIN, TIN Number or Employer Identification Number as your businesses Social Security Number because that is essentially what it is.

You’ll need it when buying and selling physical product and/or services within the united states of america legally and not properly filing and following taxation laws can result in heavy fines or even prison.

The Internal Revenue Service primarily uses the number, as a way to identify an entity, which is required to give tax statements to their lawyers or report employment taxes.

We’ll be adding more 2017 state and federal filing forms and information as its released.