About Xilinx 2nd Quarter Results

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If you’re looking for information on Xilinx ise second-quarter results, you have come to the right place. It is important for you to know that Xilinx is the biggest company in the world when it comes to field programmable gate array. The company was founded in 1984 and since then, the company has been growing consistently. The recent results show that company has been able to grow its revenues for eight consecutive quarters which is not easy in this industry.

Field Programmable Gate Array

The company is mostly known for inventing the field programmable gate array and it is also the first company that pioneered the fabless manufacturing model. It has several different range of product families and is counted as the leader in most of the products categories. The company issued a detailed press release highlighting the quarterly results.

Search Online

You can search online in order to find the press release detailing the second-quarter results of the company. In addition to the press release, you can also go to the investor website of the company where you can find detailed results for all the quarters going back up to several years. While the revenues of the company has been growing over the past few years, it is also important to mention that company has also been spending a lot of money on research and development efforts.

Research And Development

Consistent investment in research and development has allowed the company to remain a leader in its chosen market segments. The consistent spending on research and development has allowed company to maintain a market share of above 50% in most of the market segments where it operates. As far as the operating income is concerned, the company has been consistently growing its operating income over the years. The net income of the company has also been growing and in the recently released second-quarter results, the company also declared a cash dividend for all the shareholders.

If you want more information regarding the financial results of the company, you should get in touch with the investor relations contact of the company whose contact details are available on the press release as well as on the investor website of the company.

Annoucing Second Quarter Results

The company has been in business for over three decades and in these three decades, it has constantly maintained lead in the its chosen business verticals. The company has also been investing in various other product categories including cloud computing which is expected to grow faster in the coming years. The company also announced collaboration with various other technology partners while announcing its second-quarter results.

As far as the financial outlook for the coming quarters concerned, the company expects the sales to grow and expects to maintain the gross margin in the range of 69 to 71%. This technology company has come a long way over the years. The company has shown consistent growth in various product categories. As far as the demand for programmable logic devices is concerned, it continues to grow and it is expected that the company’s revenues and profits will also keep growing in the coming years.